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Personal Information Protection Policy

R-Square & Company (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) provides professional services and develops and provides applications to support the sustainable growth of sales organizations and human resources through sales enablement. In the course of these efforts, we have established the following personal information protection policy (privacy policy) with the aim of appropriately managing and protecting the personal information we receive from individuals, and by establishing a system for protecting personal information and ensuring that all of our employees are aware of the importance of protecting personal information and their efforts to do so, we take responsibility to meet the trust of those who provide us with personal information.

1. Acquiring, Using and Providing Personal Information

When acquiring personal information, the Company shall limit the purpose of personal information acquisition so as not to exceed the limit necessary to achieve the purpose of acquisition, taking into consideration the nature, structure, and scale of our business.
Furthermore, the information shall be acquired through legal and fair means.

The Company may outsource the handling of personal information with the aim of providing better service.
In this case, an outsourcing contractor who is known for appropriate handling of personal information (Hereinafter referred to as “Subcontractor”) shall be selected, and necessary matters such as management of personal information, confidentiality, prohibition of re-provision, etc. shall be decided in an entrustment agreement, etc., and appropriate management shall be performed.

The Company shall not disclose or provide personal information (excluding personal numbers) to third parties other than Subcontractors without the consent of the individual, except when disclosure is required by law or when requested by a court, police, or other public institution.

2. Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Standards

In carrying out the duty of handling personal information, the Company shall comply with laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information, the “Personal Information Protection Management System (JISQ15001),” the guidelines set forth by the government, and other standards, and shall take the utmost care while handling of personal information in accordance with the items stipulated in the Company’s internal rules.

3. Management of Personal Information

The Company shall appoint a personal information protection manager to appropriately manage personal information and strive to prevent it’s leakage to outside parties.
The Company shall take appropriate information security measures for prevention and correction in order to prevent leakage, damage or loss of personal information due to unauthorized access, computer viruses, etc.

4. Complaints and Consultation regarding Personal Information

In the event when a complaint or request for consultation from an individual regarding the handling of personal information is received, the Company shall respond to the complaint or request without delay, except in cases where the handling of personal information would significantly hinder the execution of the Company’s duty or may harm the life, body, property, or other interests of the individual.
In the event when an individual requests the correction or deletion of his or her own personal information, the Company shall check the information without delay. In this case, if a correction or deletion is necessary, it shall be made without delay.

5. Establishment and Continuous Improvement of Management Systems for Personal Information Protection

The Company shall build and implement a management system for the protection of personal information by establishing rules and systems to ensure appropriate handling, and shall continue to improve these systems.

Enactment: February 22, 2020
Final Revision: September 1, 2021
R-Square & Company Inc.
Takahiro Yamashita, CEO

Handling of Individual Information

1. Acquiring Personal Information

When acquiring personal information, the Company shall clearly define, notify and/or announce the purpose of use, acquire no more than the information required to achieve that objective and acquire that information through legal and fair means.
Furthermore, in the event personal information is acquired from the individual directly in writing, a notification shall be issued in order to obtain the consent of the individual.

2. Use of Personal Information

Personal information shall be used within the scope of the purpose for which the consent of the person has been obtained. In addition, the Company shall take measures to ensure that personal information is not used for any other purpose.
If the need to use the information for other purposes arises, consent of the individual shall be obtained for such use, except when permitted by law.

The Company shall use personal information for the following purposes.

 Purpose of Use of Customer Information
  Personal information entrusted with the Company by customers shall be used to send e-mails and documents from the Company for the following purposes.

  ・Management of Contractual Relationships
  ・Provision of products and services
  ・Sending or transmitting printed materials generated in the course of providing products and services
  ・Notifications regarding new products and services
  ・Notifications and implementation of various campaigns
  ・Contact regarding inquiries and campaign applications and implementation
  ・For maintenance support

 Purpose of use of applicant and employee information
  In addition, applicant information collected by the Company for recruitment and employee information collected after recruitment shall be used for the following purposes and shall not be used for any other purpose without the consent of the individual.

  ・Contact, provision of information, and employment selection
  ・Business communication, exchange of information, attendance management, payment of salary, evaluation, welfare, safety and health, and other labor management, and fulfillment of obligations stipulated in labor-related laws, tax-related laws, and social welfare-related laws
  ・Acceptance, implementation and management of various procedures stipulated in the Company rule and regulations
  ・Report/notification to government agencies, participating organizations etc.
  ・Communication in case of emergency

3. Restrictions on Provision to Third Party

The Company shall appropriately manage personal information provided to the Company and shall not disclose or provide personal information to third parties, except in the following cases.

 ・If an individual has given the consent
 ・When it is necessary to protect the life, body, or property of an individual, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual
 ・When it is necessary to disclose the information in accordance with the laws and regulations

4. Voluntariness and results of providing personal information

Provision of personal information to the Company is at the discretion of the individual. However, in the event some or all of the necessary personal information is not provided, it may not be possible to provide the response, etc. described in the purpose of use in an appropriate manner.

5. Disclosure/Correction/Suspension of Use of Personal Information

In the event when individual wish to disclose, correct or suspend use of personal information (hereinafter “Disclosure”), please contact our inquiry desk. After confirming individual’s identity, the Company will respond without delay.

 Procedures required to request for Disclosure, etc.
 The Company shall disclose personal information to the individual based on the request made by the individual as long as it does not hinder appropriate execution of the Company’s duty. In that case, the individual’s identity shall be confirmed using the method predetermined by the Company.
 If the personal information disclosed to the individual is found to be inaccurate, the Company shall immediately correct it. In addition, if individual requests that the Company stop using personal information, the Company shall immediately stop using it.

 Sending Requests for Disclosure
 [Inquiry Desk] for “6.Correspondence Regarding Complaints and Consultation”

6. Correspondence Regarding Complaints and Consultation

If you have any complaints or questions regarding this Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy), please send your name, address, and return e-mail address (for e-mail inquiries), as well as a document describing the content of your inquiry, by e-mail or by post to the address provided below.

The Company shall use the personal information of the person making the inquiry only for the purpose of replying to the inquiry.

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